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Expressing the style of tomorrow through exotic and innovative designs, Just Cavalli Villas are a collection of homes which challenge the ordinary.

Set in an incredible international golf community with interiors by Just Cavalli, the unorthodox style of these fashionable villas embody the brand’s daring approach to design, creating unique and iconic spaces for you and your loved ones.


Boasting unique features such as a rooftop terrace and a lower ground floor, Just Cavalli Villas are located in a Dubailand community that caters to all aspirations. Surrounded by acres of green space and access to world-class amenities, here’s a unique home that’s just perfect for you and your family.


- Separate living/dining area and kitchen

- Private parking

- Just Cavalli Gym with modern equipment

- Access to world-class amenities

- Luxury retail, hospitality and entertainment

- Hydroponic café

- Five-star hotel and suites

- Desert-inspired luxury spa

- Waterplay fountains across the community

- Organic fresh market

- Healthy dining

- Schools and nurseries